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The Post Register’s first full-time Olympic coverage that began in September 2011 now has a greater online presence.

This website is an extension of my Medal Stand column which publishes on Thursdays and went to a daily format for the duration of London 2012, Sochi 2014 and Rio 2016. Throughout my first year at the Post Register, I received more feedback about the Medal Stand and other Olympic coverage than anything else I’ve written. There is clearly an Olympic sports community in eastern Idaho and it is my vision to use this blog to take my coverage to a new level that will provide more access to readers. Not only will I share content that publishes in the print edition, but expanded coverage that might not always make the sports page.

As with the print edition of the Medal Stand, so much of my content would not be possible without feedback and suggestions from readers. Countless story ideas were shared with me throughout the last year and I still welcome input from Post Register readers for this blog. Whether it’s a notice of upcoming local events worth covering to eastern Idaho athletes participating in summer or winter Olympic-related sports or locals who are training toward making Team USA, please feel free to pass it along to me. I can be contacted at the Post Register office at 542-6772, by email at mhereford@postregister.com and on Twitter by following @mwhereford.

I invite you to join me in following and sharing the many stories that will unfold from the Olympic movement locally, nationally and worldwide.



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